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A planned alcohol detox typically lasts seven days. This can vary, depending on an individual’s specific needs and requirements (such as dependency on other substances, physical health needs or complexity of other needs).

Patients are requested to bring all their prescribed medication with them on admission and are provide with medication when they leave.

Bedrooms and communal bathrooms are located on gender specific corridors.

All meals are provided and patients can also bring in their own food in sealed packages. Please see ‘Mealtimes’ under ‘A Look Inside’.

We do not currently offer transport to and from the unit. Transport should be arranged by the referring agency.

Due to the short duration of stays, overnight leave is not usually considered as part of the treatment plan. Any patient wishing to leave the unit must seek permission from the nursing and medical team.

Visiting is permitted during allocated times. See ‘Visiting’ under ‘A Look Inside’.

Patients tend to prefer casual and comfortable clothes. They should bring a change of clothes, nightwear and underwear and there are laundry facilities on site.

Patients can bring their mobile phones onto the ward. However, the Trust has a strict policy on the use of mobile phones and social media. To respect everyone’s privacy and confidentiality, videos and photographs are not permitted at any time on the ward. Mobile phone use is discouraged in communal areas.

Patients are welcome to bring small essential electrical appliance, such as hairdryers. However, these will be checked and tested by onsite technicians before use. We strongly discourage patients from bringing valuables onto the ward. Please note cash, valuables, clothes or medication will be checked on arrival and recorded and stored appropriately according to our policies and procedures.

Patients’ property will be searched on admission for any contraband items and any sharps or medication must be handed to staff.